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We aim to constantly release new engaging and focussed courses that continue to develop your skills. Check in below to see what is coming up.

Saturday mornings starting August 31

Colour theory in painting

Colour theory colour wheel

Learn colour mixing and painting skills.

4 X 3hrs


An Introduction to Colour Mixing in Painting

Understanding and controlling colour is a vital aspect of painting. This 4 session course focuses on the foundation of colour theory and mixing with a thorough series of practical painting exercises. Designed to develop your skills and strategies this seminar will unlock the world of colour for you and help you to realise your creative ideas.

Sessions run from 10:00 - 1:00   SATURDAY MORNINGS


Grand Final Holiday — Sept 27   1:00 — 4:00

Drawing Studies with Portraits

Andy Warhol portrait with illustrated sections

1 X 3hrs


Learn new drawing techniques

This drawing workshop is perfect is for people wanting to try out drawing regardless of skill level. Based on tracing the image, you will learn numerous methods for rendering and representing shape, tone and form. These studies will then be combined with your chosen portrait image to create imaginative new artworks. Techniques explored will include realistic rendering with graphite (grey lead) pencils, pattern used to create tone, line to define form, and high contrast colour combinations. The skills learnt in these studies can be transferred to drawing any subject matter. So come along and surprise yourself.

All drawing materials supplied.

Grand Final Holiday Friday Afternoon 1:00 — 4:00


Thursday Nights from Oct 10th

Linocut Printmaking — Exploring Single Block Prints

Linocut print of a squirrel printed on paper and timber veneer

8 X 2.5hrs


Linocut printmaking and design techniques.

This course opens up a range of printmaking possibilities using single linocut blocks. This course begins with carving and design techniques to create tone and contrast. Pattern and colour will be explored with a tessellating design. Learn how a designs impact can vary with the printmaking techniques as we focus on printing with different paper, over other media and ink/paper colour combinations. Throughout the course you will carve and print multiple designs, as you trial printmaking techniques that include printing with and without the printing press. This enjoyable course is suitable for all skill levels interested in exploring single colour linocut prints.

Printing Materials included.

Thurday Evenings 6:30 — 9:00


Coming soon

Life Drawing — UnTutored

Life Drawing photo

8 X 2.5hrs


Explore your drawing style

These sessions are for anyone who wants to practice their observational drawing skills and would like access to space and life models. The well-lit studio at Metro Art Dept comes equipped with Easels, stools and drawing boards, along with tables and chairs for those who prefer to sit while drawing. Drawing materials not provided.


Booking a custom Course

Metro class request

image description

Book a time that’s right for you

If you have a work or social group that would like to participate in one of our courses at a time that suits you, please contact us. We can arrange to run sessions on a day and time that suits everyone. There is also the possibility of changing the structure of the course sessions. For example changing eight weekly sessions to an intensive four-day course. We can even arrange a one off class for a party or special occasion. We are happy to discuss options and we will do our best to fulfil your requests.

Email to make an inquiry

Returning Soon

Art of the Skull

skull shaped palette and paint brushes

A great way to learn a range of new skills

8 X 2.5hrs


Draw, Paint, Print and Sculpt

The Art of the Skull allows for an enjoyable exploration of the skull in varied art forms. Art forms explored are drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. No previous experience is needed, just give it a go. This unit is perfect for someone who enjoyed art at school, but hasn’t had many opportunities to practice art since. The practical skills and instruction will be accompanied with examples and art theory that explain the role of the skull in art and provide instruction and inspiration for your own artworks

This course comes with a plaster skull for you to uses as reference and it will later form the basis for your sculpture.

Sunday Afternoons   2:00—4:30


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About us

Metro Art Dept is made up of a group of like-minded artists and practitioners, with a depth of experience ranging from teaching at universities to professionals working in their fields, who have a passion for creative arts and strive to pass on what they have learned to others.

We felt that there needed to be a place where people can experience focussed creative art based education and flex their creative muscle.

Our engaging courses are designed to improve your skills and teach you strategies that enable you to realise your creative ideas.

So come along and learn something new or hone your skills.

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