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The 12 Secrets about mixing your own paint colours they never taught you in school

Learn how to mix all the colours you will ever need without spending a fortune on paint.

Tips for mixing paint colours

Painting courses & seminars

Returning early 2021

Colour theory in painting

Colour theory colour wheel

Learn colour mixing and painting skills.

4 X 3hrs


An Introduction to Colour Mixing in Painting

Understanding and controlling colour is a vital aspect of painting. This 4 session course focuses on the foundation of colour theory and mixing with a thorough series of practical painting exercises. Designed to develop your skills and strategies this seminar will unlock the world of colour for you and help you to realise your creative ideas.

Sessions run from 10:00 - 1:00   Sunday Mornings


Returning Soon

Painting 101

Painting 101 photo

Start off your painting with good habits

7 X 2.5hrs


Painting with Acrylics

If you have ever wanted to learn how to paint and don’t know where to start then Painting 101 is for you. You don’t need any previous experience as the unit is designed to build your skills as you progress. There will be instruction and exercises to develop your skills in; drawing from observation and perspective, easel setup and good working practice, colour theory and mixing, tone, paint blending, and compositional strategies. Throughout the unit you will progress to painting from observation. The sessions will include many examples and demonstrations to help improve your painting skills as you progress to painting a small still life on canvas.


Coming soon

Still Life Painting

Still life painting of flowers in vase

8 X 2.5hrs


Create mood in your paintings

Learn how to paint engaging still life paintings emphasising mood. This course is focused on developing your use of colour, underpainting and will teach you methods to control your compositions. Learn strategies from famous still life paintings to recognise how and when to edit details, create balance or focal points in your own paintings. Using acrylic paints, the workshops will progress through a series of focused exercises building toward a painting on canvas painted over 3 sessions. This course is a great way to explore and develop a range of approaches in your paintings.


Returning Soon

Portrait Painting 101

8 X 2.5hrs


Build your observation and painting skills.

Portrait Painting 101 focuses on the whole portrait painting process, from planning and taking useful reference photos to anatomy, drafting, layout of composition, painting techniques and colour strategies. Learn from the successful approaches that artists have employed over centuries. This course is structured towards a well-planned portrait painted on canvas over 3 sessions. How you set up determines how you will progress so come and learn good working practices to get your portrait painting off to a good start.


New Year Holiday intensive — January 6 − 9

Landscape Painting 101

Lanscape painting of skipping girl

4 X 5hrs


Paint the space

Learn control of colour, detail and perspective to create cohesive spaces in your landscape painting. This course will investigate strategies and techniques to structure the space in your paintings with an emphasis on collecting good reference photos. Much about landscape painting is about creating illusions with paint. There will be a series of focused exercises on how to edit and translate information from reference material to unified images culminating in a painting on canvas over several sessions.

This is a good way to progress your painting skills.

Monday 6th Jan - Thursday 9th Jan   10:00am—4:00pm with a break for lunch.

Coming soon

Exploring Portraiture Styles

Portrait Painting of based on Ingres' Princesse de Broglie

10 X 2.5hrs


Pushing your boundaries

A follow on from Portrait Painting 101, Exploring Portraiture Styles explores many different ways of capturing the essence of the sitter in your portraits. Through inspiring examples and challenging exercises this course is designed to expand your range of strategies and approaches to portraiture. Experiment with concepts, representation and abstraction as you move out of your comfort zone. Learn how to refine your paint handing to support your ideas. Be creatively stimulated by the diverse approaches of others in the class. This course is structured for you to develop many approaches before resolving one into a portrait painted over numerous sessions.

Appropriate for intermediate to advanced painters.


Painting at Metro Art Dept

Painting is the one of the worlds most enduring and engaging art forms. The ability to create three dimensions, portraits, landscapes, stories and emotional responses from colours placed on a flat surface can almost seem like magic.

At Metro Art Dept we want to teach you how. Our various painting courses and seminars are designed to complement one another and reinforce concepts that will combine to give you a comprehensive understanding of painting techniques and strategies.

We highly value the experience of those who have come before and strive to show engaging and relevant examples alongside the diverse practical activities to give you a more complete and rewarding understanding of painting.

So come along and learn something new or hone your skills.

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