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Printmaking courses & seminars

4 sessions starting from Thursday November 20th

Linocut Printmaking

Framed linocut of Jacques Cousteau

4 X 2hrs


Printmaking and design for all levels.

This ongoing course provides opportunities for all skill levels to create striking linocut prints. The printing techniques will be tailored to your experience. Ample opportunities will be available for you to learn and practice new techniques and there will be a focus on getting the most out of your designs using different colour ink and paper combinations. You will print with and without the press, using various methods ranging from custom stamps, reduction printmaking and multiple-block printmaking. The sessions will be loosely structured around design or technique challenges intended to focus your creativity and learning. The sessions are a great chance to get together and be creative.

Materials included in the price.

Sessions run from  7:00 - 9:00PM on Thursday Nights


Coming soon

Dry point etching

Drypoint etching

8 X 2.5hrs


Experience a feeling of immediacy in printmaking as you create your own limited edition prints. The technique of dry point etching allows a diverse range of illustration styles to be reproduced from simple sketched lines to intricate designs. This course will build up your skills and strategies with dry point etchings as you progress though different materials. Utilise the transparency of Perspex in transferring your designs as you begin developing your understanding of how line can be used to produce tone. Inking techniques will be explored to build and vary ink tones. Progression to the firmer plates of aluminium and then copper will create plates that withstand more reproductions.

Materials included in the price.


Coming soon

Woodblock Printmaking

Woodcut block

10 X 2.5hrs


Learn the centuries old tradition of woodblock printmaking as you create your own woodblock print. This course begins with carving and printing techniques that will inform and clarify your own design. Explore strategies to both, refine your design, and divide it for multiple colours. You will learn processes for how to carve your designs into your blocks as well as techniques for transferring and registering your designs on multiple blocks for the additional colours. Learn how to prepare the paper, pigments and blocks for printing, including methods to achieve graduations of tone. This course provides a rare opportunity to create and print a short run of your own woodblock design.


Coming soon

Etching — metal Plates

Gorilla Etching in Nickel plate

8 X 2.5hrs


Benefit from the crisp lines that acid etching can produce.

Create your own prints using acid etched zinc metal plates. In this course will learn the etching process from the design to the final printed images. Learn how to prepare your plates including filing, polishing and degreasing. Learn about hard and soft grounds and how to apply, and use them to transfer your designs in preparation for etching. Realise the etching process as you monitor the depth of the etching. Learn the process for inking plates, paper preparation and setting the pressure on the press as you print your original designs.

This course is suited for people with some printmaking experience who want to take their printmaking to the next level.


Coming soon

Metro Press Club

Printmaking press photo

8 X 2.5hrs


For Metro Art Dept printmaking regulars

The press club provides exclusive access to printmaking presses and equipment so you can continue to evolve your printmaking practice. Learn from, and be inspired, by the work of others as you progress your own prints. Numerous printmaking techniques can be pursued. An experienced printmaker will supervise the sessions to provide assistance with printmaking issues and assure good working practices. Numbers will be limited so that there is good access to equipment.


Printmaking at Metro Art Dept

Printing an image has become easy and relatively inexpensive with most having easy access to a printer. In contrast the handmade print is becoming more valuable as the knowledge, skills, equipment and effort required to make one is becoming more and more rare.

At Metro Art Dept we appreciate how valuable these skills are. Here you can learn printmaking in many forms such as linocut prints, collagraphs, etchings and woodblock prints.

The designs you create can be as simple or complex as you choose. You will be shown how to achieve striking effects to enhance your designs with simple techniques and ideas.

Our workshops provide a collaborative environment where you can feed off each other’s creativity and enjoy exploring materials and techniques while making your own exclusive prints.

So come along and learn something new or hone your skills.

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